Sam + Miriam | The Merrill’s | Valentine’s Day | 1960’s Styled Shoot | Rexburg Photographer

What is the one thing that can turn a bad day around? A really bad day. A day where you lock your keys, your camera, and your dignity in your car right before your photoshoot. The only thing I can think of is a couple like Miriam and Sam! They went out of their way, picked me up, let me sit in their car in mortification, and then gave me one of my absolute favorite photoshoots to date.

These two are absolutely UNREAL. Once I picked a theme for this photoshoot, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. I knew I had to have these two to make this photoshoot work. I called Miriam and luckily they just happened to be coming to town right before Valentine’s day! If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is! I wanted to go back in time for this shoot and these two made it happen. From the clothes, to the perfect record we used as a prop, Miriam had everything I could have asked for.

What really helped bring this shoot to life was the amazing hair and makeup artists, Tristan Jacobs and Rilee Ward! Tristan is a master at hair, and once I gave her the idea of what I was thinking, she picked the picture perfect hairstyle to fit the shoot. Rilee was the same way! I was in love with the very first photo she sent me as an example for this shoot, and she absolutely nailed it. The most important part, was they made Miriam feel beautiful! I’ll be using Tristan and Rilee in the future as an additional package to truly make your shoots memorable and I absolutely recommend them to anybody for photoshoots, prom, or graduation!

Now, I’ll stop talking so you can look at these gorgeous people… Let me know what you think!


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