Austin + Elisa | Mountain Engagements | Pocatello Photographer

This snowy mountain engagement was picture perfect… as in it looked a whole lot better than it felt! We ran back and forth between the warm car and the blizzard outside, but braving the storm proved to be worth it.

Austin + Elisa met for the first time after Elisa’s apartment started on fire and flooded… Austin worked in the apartment building so he was the guy to call in an emergency! After Austin saved the day, they started talking and slowly but surely realized they were perfect for each other. Austin + Elisa are both outdoorsy and love to go fishing together, ride dirt bikes, snowwmobile, and go hunting. When they’re not outdoors they are staying in, eating good food, and watching Game of Thrones!

After dating for awhile, they knew they were meant to be. One night Austin went out to one of their favorite fishing spots and set up a trail of lights and flowers. He asked Elisa to meet him there, and when she arrived she knew he was finally asking! He got down on one knee, and she said YES!

I am so excited for these two to get married, and even more honored they are trusting me to capture the day! Congrats you two!



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