Junior + Abby | Engagements | St. Anthony Idaho Photographer

Man, where do I start with these two?? In 2015 I had the pleasure of taking Junior’s senior pictures! I love that kid and he is so funny and such a fun person to be around. He was dating Abby at the time and they were (and still are) so cute together. The following year, 2016, I was able to take Abby’s senior pictures! Junior tagged along and it was so fun to see them interact together and how much Junior adores her. She’s probably the most photogenic person on the earth and they are to this day some of my favorite senior pictures. Never did I think that another year later…  I would be taking their pictures again… but this time for their very own engagements!

Abby messaged me before their session and when she mentioned one of the locations she wanted to take pictures was the sand dunes, I was SO excited. All of the pictures turned out amazing, but those sand dunes pictures are something else! Once again, these two good looking people have given me some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. It doesn’t hurt that they’re ridiculously good looking.

Thank you for choosing me once again as your photographer, and get ready for some killer bridals… I can’t wait!


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