Brodi | First Birthday

It’s hard to put my feelings about my sweet tiny baby girl turning one into words. From carrying her in my tummy, spending hours and hours at the hospital patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for her to arrive, and then taking her home for the first time with absolutely NO IDEA what we were doing.

We’ve learned a lot together this first year and I have loved a little part of every single day because of her and her amazing Dad. Here’s a quick recap of our first year together.

She has learned:

  • Rolling is fun.. once you learn how to roll both ways
  • Crawling is more fun.. especially bear crawling
  • Walking is even MORE fun
  • Teething and shots are less fun
  • Bath time is the best time
  • How to open every cupboard we own
  • Mom and Dad are wrapped around my finger
  • Nana is my best pal
  • Squatting, staring, then sticking something in your mouth is the best way to find out what it is
  • Rice and beans are my favorite foods
  • Cake is my most favorite dessert

I have learned:

  • How to change a diaper in record speed
  • You can nurse in public without dying of embarrassment
  • Baby giggles are straight from heaven
  • Always, ALWAYS double check the diaper bag
  • Cuddles are the answers to most of life’s problems
  • Grandma’s are literal saints
  • I will perpetually be (at least) 10 minutes later than usual
  • That Daddy is the favorite… and he deserves it
  • How to kiss owies all better
  • Love, love, LOVE. More than I thought possible

Our Brodi is sweet, sassy, and just plain precious all wrapped up in one. Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom and being so patient with me every time I mess up. I wouldn’t trade the honor of being your mom for anything in the world.

Special thanks for Dash Photography for the beautiful cake smash photos!


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